Direct Lenders Funding Your Deals

The growth of direct lenders is driven by investor demand for yield and the need to deploy cash. With increased investment in direct lending, fund managers can write bigger loans, making this type of financing more attractive. The growth in direct lending is particularly beneficial for smaller companies, which struggle to secure bank loans and are unable to issue bonds. These companies can benefit from the lower end of the high-yield spectrum, which can provide attractive returns to investors.7 Steps to Acquiring a Small Business

There are many direct lenders that will fund your Direct lenders funding deals, and they can provide the funds to help you expand your business. Many of them offer maximum commissions and are available to assist business owners in building credit. The process can be automated. The system pre-qualifies prospects for more than twenty different funding programs and tells them exactly where their business stands in its credit report. In addition to this, you can get a higher commission if you do the heavy lifting yourself.

The process is easy and simple. Even people with bad credit can apply for instant cash advances. There are minimal requirements, including being at least eighteen years of age, having a checking account and legal earnings, and providing a valid i.d. The approval process can take up to one week. You can also get an instant payday loan if you do not have a credit history. In general, you can get up to $3000 in cash with no credit check.

You can choose to get a secured or unsecured loan through a direct lender. Both scenarios are simple and time-efficient, with the lender depositing funds directly into your account. However, you need to have a valid bank account and a good deal history. If you have an outstanding credit history and an honest account history, it may be a good idea to look into a direct lender for your financing needs. This type of financing will give you more flexibility and customization.

While direct lenders do not typically have a formal credit analyst program, they do offer a bonus to top performing candidates. It starts at a low percentage of your base salary and rises to about 100% by mid-levels. It may even reach 100 percent at the senior level. Nevertheless, the compensation ranges widely between direct lenders and private equity firms. As a result, an Associate with an IB Analyst program can expect to earn anywhere from $200K to $250K, while a smaller firm can pay $150K or less.

One major drawback of direct lending is tax. The IRS considers it to be a business, and therefore subject to taxation. This may concern U.S. investors, but there are several tax-efficient strategies to alleviate any concerns. For example, if you are an Ex-U.S. investor and make loans to companies outside the U.S., your investment is not subject to the ECI tax. Furthermore, if you are an Exempt-U.S. investor, you may not be subject to the UBTI tax unless you make the loan to a taxable company.

There are several companies that specialize in offering capital for fix-and-flip deals. Direct Lenders is one such company. They are known for offering 100% financing on fix-and-flip deals and require no upfront fees. As a direct lender, they also do not require a credit check, and can provide pre-approval letters, proof of funds, and fast term sheets. If you’re looking to get started in the real estate investing industry, you’ll find Direct Lenders funding is an excellent option.

Pioneer Realty Capital is a nationwide direct lender that has over 1,000 capital partners across the country. They participate in deals as an equity investor or mezzanine/senior debt lender, and also feature a crowd-funding platform. Pioneer also offers several programs for experienced investors, including 100% financing of 1-4 unit properties, three months of rental seasoning, and a wide range of competitive loan options. For those who are looking for competitive rates, the company offers the Texas Bridge Loan Funding Program.

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