IQOS: New generation smoking device

Another product from Philip Morris is up for FDA review, and it has the potential to have a significant impact on tobacco use in the United States. IQOS, a pen-shaped vaporizer with an iPod-like recharger, uses a high temperature to vaporise tiny tobacco sticks. According to Philip Morris, this may potentially save smokers’ lives by reducing their exposure to the toxins created when tobacco is burned. IQOS is under fire from critics who claim that the attractive packaging and aggressive marketing of the medicine is aimed more at luring young people in than at helping long-term smokers quit the habit.A comprehensive comparison of IQOS ILUMA and PRIME - UWOO

Whichever panel comes out on top in this debate will serve as a test case for the ever-expanding world of nicotine replacement products. It will become the first tobacco product in the United States to be marketed with a “modified risk” claim if the panel considers IQOS to be acceptable, and the FDA adopts the panel’s recommendation (as it normally does).

However, IQOS does not look like an e-cigarette, and it is not one at all

E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are battery-operated devices that use a nicotine-laced liquid to replicate the act of smoking. To use an e-cigarette, just inhale through the mouthpiece and a cartridge of liquid nicotine will be vaporised.

Like the other battery-powered devices, this one is compact and battery-powered; nevertheless, it utilises real tobacco to evaporate nicotine-containing fluids. A “heat-not-burn” gadget falls within this category, which is a distinct category of tobacco products. However, IQOS does not burn tobacco.

A Marlboro-branded tobacco unit, an IQOS holding device, and a charger are the three main pieces of the system (which looks like an iPod). In order to ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms, IQOS users place their tobacco unit into the holder and click a button to activate a battery-powered warmth. According to the IQOS website, this product is good for six minutes or 14 puffs. The “real flavour of heated tobacco” is imparted.

IQOS, on the other hand, heats tobacco to 350°C instead of 600°C, making it a lower-temperature alternative to smoking. Users will get the same quantity of nicotine and flavour profile as regular cigarettes, but without the combustion process, according to the maker.


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