Scuba Diving in Krabi and the Koh Phi Phi Islands


The staggering view of the Krabi and Koh Phi districts of Thailand have long guaranteed that the region is a firm #1 on Thailand’s all around trampled explorer and hiker trails. Sensational limestone bluffs, lovely sea shores and the minimal expense of living in the space have guaranteed that huge quantities of vacationers rush to the locale consistently.


Late years anyway have seen the area foster a standing among the scuba plunging local area, pulled in by the staggering submerged geology which effectively equals the emotional bluffs and zeniths found over the water. Today, the famous hotel areas of Ao Nang, Koh Phi and Railee Beach are as liable to be loaded up with scuba jumpers as the customary ‘skyline gazers’ of the 70’s and 80’s.


The scuba making a plunge Krabi and Koh Phi is by all accounts moved into four primary districts. The neighborhood islands and reefs only south of Krabi, the different plunge destinations at Shark Point Marine Sanctuary, the locales encompassing the islands at Koh Phi and the two elite jump destinations at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.


Only a couple of miles south of Krabi lie the little islands of Ko Ha, Ko See and Ko Yaw Bon. The jump locales here are a fascinating blend of passages, swim through’s, coral heads and enormous stone developments. Except for the passage at Ko Yaw Bon, the nangs delivery brisbane here are available so that fledgling jumpers and give a superb open door might be able to see marine life including Black Tip Sharks, Banded Sea Snakes and Leopard Sharks.


The jump destinations of Shark Point Marine Sanctuary are home to an amazing exhibit of marine life, and albeit the plunging here will in general be overwhelmed by the plunge locales at Anenome Reef and Shark Point, the King Cruiser Wreck gives a magnificent jump and is presently home to a lot of coral and marine life. Huge barracuda and fish are consistently spotted here, pulled in by the enormous measure of supplements cleared up from the close by profound waters.


Proceeding with additional south are the shocking islands at Koh Phi, a region described by the emotional limestone precipices and zeniths which transcend the ocean, prior to diving down into the dim profundities beneath. When a peaceful Muslim fishing town, the district presently has a created plunging industry, and today there are somewhere around ten jump communities working out of the Ton Sai region on Koh Phi.


Submerged, the islands of Koh Phi are a combination of coral nurseries, steep dividers and swim throughs, and the islands have various magnificent plunge destinations in closeness. Specifically, the jump locales at Ko Yung Pinnacle and Ko Bida nok reliably convey magnificent scuba plunging and are broadly recognized just like the best jump destinations in Koh Phi.


Last, yet unquestionably not least are the two elite jump locales south of Phi at Hin Muang (Purple Rock) and Hin Daeng (Red Rock). These destinations, a combination of steep dividers and zeniths are both in nearness to profound water, and as such the bigger marine life are drawn to the a lot of supplements that can be seen as here. The two destinations at Hin Muang and Hin Daeng address the best open doors for individuals wishing to see either whale sharks or manta beams, and both are routinely located at these plunge locales.


The scuba plunging all through the Krabi and Koh Phi area is without a doubt of the best expectations, and some of the jump destinations offer truly top notch jumping. For jumpers hoping to go scuba plunging on Koh Phi or in Krabi, most of the plunge places in the district can be found in the hotel of Ao Nang or near the ocean region at Ton Sai in Koh Phi.


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