Sports Contracts

Since we are in the middle of the NCAA Tournament, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the sports contracts that some of these kids might have to decide upon. My alma mater is in the sweet sixteen this year. They have gone to the dance every year for as long as I can remember, but they usually choke in the second round. Everyone is saying that this is a different year.

We’ll see. A few of these players will need to take a long, hard look at the contracts they will be offered, and it would help if they knew what they were doing. Becoming a professional athlete today is being recognized as one of the most financially rewarding professions. If they are lucky, the athlete will be paid thousands of dollars to promote a sponsor’s product, besides being generously paid 토토사이트. to play the sport. A sports contract could impact the lives of many people. Amateurs have to face issues like whether to compete as an amateur or be offered a huge salary by professional teams to leave when they are sophomores or juniors in college for the big leagues.

Contracts for athletes should always be in writing and should contain agreements by the athlete to avoid doing anything that is dangerous. The amount of money the athlete will make, less taxes, should be stated in the contract. It is guaranteed that the athlete is paid even if they don’t participate in that day’s activities. Pay is stretched out over the time the sport is played only, not over the whole year. Some players also get a signing bonus, and this will be figured into the wording of the contract. Violation of the part of the contract that prohibits an athlete from taking part in activities that could bench him/her can cause the loss of a large sum of money. Aaron Boone, who played for the Yankees, injured his left knee while playing pickup basketball in 2003. Boone was terminated and lost his $5.75 million contract.

Recently there have been worse issues than a pickup basketball game causing an injury. An increasing need for a carefully drafted “moral clause” has become necessary for corporations, leagues, and teams. These groups have invested large sums of money in the performance and reputation of players whose conduct away from their sport has significant impact. Enforcing contractual “morals clauses” will hopefully serve as a warning for athletes and help raise the moral bar in the sports community.

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